Strategy and investment criteria


Quantum Ventures invests between CHF 500k and CHF 7 million in shares in companies preferably located in Europe.


  • Start-Up (selectively)

  • Growth, expansion and acquisition

  • Management Purchase / Buying

  • Innovation (selectively)

  • Opportunities


The main focus of Quantum Ventures is financing the growth and expansion of technology companies.

Profitable companies with a turnover of between CHF 2 and 100 million.

Quantum Ventures participates with equity as a long-term entrepreneurial partner

Quantum Ventures participates as main investor and co-investor in Management Buyout / Buying


Financing growth:

Quantum Ventures invests as a leading investor and co-investor with a particular focus on high-growth technology companies in the following sectors:

Quantum technologies:

  • Communications.

  • Computing.

  • Sensors.

  • Simulators.

Alternative Investments:

  • Real Estate.

  • Alternative medicine.

  • Loans.

Investment Criteria for Early and Late-Stage Investments 

The previous requirements for participation by Quantum Ventures AG during a company's growth phase include promising products in an expanding market and a trusted entrepreneurial team. A team with the ability to achieve sustainable growth in the value of the company. As a major minority shareholder, Quantum Ventures AG typically has a seat on the board of directors.


For growth financing the focus is on:

  • Potential for long-term and sustainable value add.

  • Entrepreneurial partnership with a convincing management team.

  • Companies which focus on innovative technologies and processes.


Previous requirements for an investment are:

  • The existence of a marketable product with a clearly distinguishable unique selling proposition (USP).

  • The achievement of a positive cash-flow within a few years.

  • A realistic exit scenario.

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