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Pioneers in Quantum technologies

We invest in the practical applications of deep Quantum knowledge (QT) 

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Corporate management needs are different for every company.  There are, however, a number of processes that are absolutely essential to efficiently running any kind of business, regardless of size, industry, number of employees, etc. All the processes involved in the field of corporate administration ensure the efficiency and productivity of any type of company.

We are able to tailor our services based on the needs of our clients, as we have the experience of serving a wide range of legal entities, including legal obligations associated with all business processes, mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, search for financing, etc..


Quantum Technology Advising

Quantum Technology Investments

The Quantum Revolution


Invest in the 4 pillars of Quantum Technology





Investing in quantum technologies through an actively managed portfolio of unlisted quantum companies.


The selected quantum companies will benefit from the macroeconomic trend and the explosion of this technology in the near future, already considered as the quantum revolution.

United Kingdom

& Switzerland

a Deep Tech Nations

Quantum Ventures has its main technical advisors in Switzerland.

Our investments does not have geographic investment restrictions.

The Future is Quantum

The Second Quantum Revolution is unfolding now, exploiting the enormous advancements in our ability to detect and manipulate single quantum objects.


Quantum Tech is time to market.

A group company:


Zuger Partners AG

Quantum Ventures collaborates and is in contact with the main players in the Quantum tech market.


Capital Investors for the

Quantum Future

Quantum Ventures is a dedicated Deep Physics startup investor with a focus on the emerging and disruptive field of quantum technologies. Created in 2016 in Barcelona and London and currently based in Zug (Switzerland), our approach is to work closely with the startups in which we invest, whatever the stage of development they are in, taking advantage of our experience and our network in your benefit.

Quantum Ventures invests in startups exploiting genuine quantum effects and also in companies leveraging deep physics towards disruptive applications. Investments are made at every phase of the life of the company.

The future is Quantum.